Photos of Aitutaki Lagoon

Photos of the Aitutaki and its lagoon can be used on other websites for promotion of Aitutaki with a credit to Ben Grummels.

If you have a great photo of Aitutaki or photos of the Aitutaki lagoon, you want published on this webpage, tell us the URL and we'll use your photo of the Aitutaki lagoon to help Aitutakians with promotion of the main business on Aitutaki being tourism. You can self-publish photos of Aitutaki on the Aitutaki Google+ Open Community. This includes an invitation for tourists to publish their holiday photos on Aitutaki.

Site Published by Ben Grummels, 10 Year Resident of Aitutaki. Not for profit organisations have free reprint rights to all my photos of Aitutaki.